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We recently upgraded Cora’s room at her grandparents house to having a Toddler Bed in it. I posted a photo on Instagram of it & received SOO many requests asking where we bought it, how do you make one, etc etc. And the truth is we didn’t buy it, Cora’s Grumpy (my dad) made it for her. We could probably start our own little business selling them from how many hits I received from that photo, but I didn’t want to do that. I thought why not share the directions with all of you so you can make it yourself. It’s pretty cheap & pretty darn simple to make from what he said and to top it off he wrote up step by step directions that include tools needed & materials. So I must give a big shout out to my dad for writing this up for me, really this blog post credit should all go to him  🙂 



NOTE: This is sized specifically for a single bed measuring 38 inch wide and 75 inch long. If your mattress is a different size, this procedure works, but you must adjust your measurements and cutting chart accordingly.

The cost of lumber varies widely based on demand and area of the country.  With that said, the 6 pieces of lumber (pine) and a box of screws purchased in Western Kentucky in June, 2018 would cost about $50.

Tools Needed

Miter saw, circular saw* or hand saw*.

* Requires Miter box Power screwdriver

10 ft or longer tape measure Sander with 60 or 80 grit paper

Router with ¼ inch round-over bit (OPT)


About 50 ea 2” x #8 flat or oval head wood screws

2 each                10 ft  1 x 6       bottom bed rail

2 each     10 ft  1 x 4       top bed rail

4 each     8 ft    2 x 2**     posts and roof

**May substitute 2 ea 8 ft 2×4 and rip down to 2×2


From each 1×6 and 1×4, cut one 38” side board and one 79 ½” end board.


|              79 ½“                                      |              38”               |


The result is:

2 each 1 x 6    79 ½“ long

2 each 1 x 4    79 ½” long

2 each 1 x 6    38”     long

2 each 1 x 4    38”     long

From 2 of the 2 x 2, cut one 44 ½” corner post and 2 roof end gables. For the gable ends, cut the outer edge square. The 45 deg angle must be cut in the center of the two gable boards, or there will not be enough material.

26 7/8″                                                                                    

|            CORNER                    |\    GABLE        /     GABLE       \|

26 7/8”                                                                                      

One 2 x 2 is cut into two corner posts. One 2 x 2 is cut for the ridge board.

The result is:

4 each   2 x 2   44 ½”   long                     corner post

1 each   2 x 2   76 ½”   long                     ridge board

4 each   2 x 2    26 7/8” long                    roof end gable

45 deg angle on one end

37 deg angle on other end


To remove sharp corners and to reduce splinters, all edges must be smoothed with a ¼” Round Over router bit. If not available, a sander can be used to smooth over these edges.

All edges need rounded EXCEPT:

Bottom edge of the 1 x 6 where it sits on the floor.

All boards need to be sanded on all sides to insure smooth splinter free surfaces and to remove any minor surface flaws.


NOTE: This fully assembled bed is too wide to fit through most doors. Final assembly MUST be done in the room you want the bed set up. 

Photos of bed setup,corners, & more are below directions for visual help.

  1. Lay two corner posts on the floor, parallel to each other and about 75” apart.
  2. Lay a long 1 x 4 across the top edge of the posts.
  3. Lay a long 1 x 6 on top of the bottom edge of the posts.
  4. Adjust so the 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 are even with the respective corners of the posts and the resulting box is square.      THIS STEP IS CRITICAL!
  5. Measure from one corner to the opposite corner, then measure the other diagonal. Adjust and remeasure until the diagonals are the same distance apart. This assures a square side.
  6. Place two screws through the 1 x on each corner to hold the side together.
  7. Repeat this procedure to create the other side of the bed.
  8. Move all materials into the bedroom for final assembly.
  9. With a helper, stand the two sides up with the 1 x 6 on the floor and the corner posts toward the inside of the bed.
  10. Standing inside the bed, align one 1 x 4 – 38” at the top of the two sides, on the inside of the corner posts even with the top of the posts. Place 2 screws into each end of the 1 x 4 and into the corner post.
  11. Repeat this step on the other end of the bed.
  12. Repeat this step, attaching the 1 x 6 – 38” to the bottom of the frame, inside the corner posts.
  13. With a helper, hold two of the roof gable end boards on top of the bed frame end, with the 45 deg angles at the top and the 37 deg angles on top of the corner posts. Run one screw straight down through the 37 deg angle into the corner post on each side. Run one screw horizontally through the top pieces.
  14. Repeat on the other end.
  15. With a helper, hold the 76 ½” 2 x 2 ridge board between the gable peaks. Run one screw on each end through the gable end into the ridge board.

At this point, the bed is done!

It may be finished in any way you wish.

Leave it bare wood, as it is.

Stain and varnish in your favorite wood tone.

Paint to fit your decor.

Put your tools away. (My wife made me add that!)


Okay back to me, I literally copy/pasted exactly what my dad typed out for assembly of the bed so if you have any questions just let us know.  😆 

I also wanted to add that we have the CUTEST bedding on Cora’s Toddler House Bed. It’s from a brand called Beddy’s and it’s the most brilliant creation ever!! I know what you’re thinking, how can bedding make me so excited?!?! But this literally does! Say bye-bye to having a messy, unmade bed with Beddy’s. The fitted sheet & comforter are actually attached together with a zipper that runs around your mattress, so all you do is unzip it down enough to get into bed. The next morning, instead of having a comforter all bunched up at the bottom or up over your face, you have a comforter exactly in the same spot that you just zip right back up. It takes 2 seconds LITERALLY! I had this bedding on my own bed before I upgraded sizes in mattress and I absolutely loved it. It’s really great for couples beds too, especially if you or your significant other are cover hogs. I also love it for Cora because it’s easy to keep her room straight & she can already make her bed at 1.5yrs old because she knows how to use the zipper….WIN!! The set we have on Cora’s bed is Get Happy, which fits her room decor perfectly with the colorful polka dots. I could not recommend Beddy’s Zipper Bedding enough!!

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  1. Omg this is awesome girl!! Your Grumpy did an amazing job and Cora’s room is awesome! Love her bedding so much and this is going to be so great for many years!!!

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