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Babies, toddlers, kids of all ages are just plain messy..right?! Cora can make a full on disaster in less than a minute and this totally includes inside her diaper too 🙄 LOL. But making messes is part of life & actually apart of their growth, so let’s learn how to control them.

When Cora was a newborn, I had 2 types of diaper mats in my bag- the disposable mats & the reusable thicker mats that come with majority of diaper bags. The reason to have a diaper mat in your bag is obvious- public changing tables are disgusting haha. Also, who wants to get poo all over your car if you rather change your baby there? No thank you!! So the diaper mat helps protect your baby from germs and then the surface from getting dirty too. But the more I used these mats, the more I thought there has to be something better out there! I mean the disposables are just a waste of money. It’s a one-time paper sheet that you throw away afterwards, so you’re spending tons of money to keep having to buy more. Most of us already have to do this with disposable diapers, no need to add more money down the pooper. The mats that come with diaper bags are definitely better than that BUT you can’t wash most of them because they will be ruined/melted. After realizing the only way to clean this is to use wipes or rinse it off, I realized this isn’t very sanitary. There has got to be a diaper mat you can wash & dry!? Well guess what…there is! LessyMessy has the only mats that are leak proof, absorbent, and best part washer/dryer safe! I would say every parent needs this mat in their life for sure! My opinion is to actually have 2 of the LessyMessy Diaper Mats. It would be ideal with at least 2 that way when one is dirty & obvious mom-life stops us from doing laundry all the time, you’ll have another good to go.



LessyMessy actually offers multiple sizes in their mats because like I mentioned earlier, messes happen often that need protecting  🙂 The All-Purpose Mat is the perfect “everything” mat. It can be used on the floor in your home during playtime, eating, really anytime you want to just make sure the rug or carpet won’t be ruined. What I do with my LessyMessy All-Purpose Mat is actually keep it in the trunk of my vehicle so it protects my car from leaks in grocery bags, our pets dog hair, etc etc. Then it’s also super handy to grab out for picnics at the park, sports events, or a concert. Again most picnic mats are made from vinyl or pvc that are not washer/dryer safe but LessyMessy is! It’s also going to make cleanup so much easier when we go pick up pumpkins, hay, & mums for all our Fall Festivities.



Life is dirty so products that help manage the messiness are BIG Thumbs Up for me!!  🙂

Check out LessyMessy here!!




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