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I’m thrilled to share that we’ve teamed up with Treetopia to show off our Christmas Tree decor this year!! Treetopia has the largest selection of colorful & unique artificial trees and guess what?!? They just launched their All for You: Treetopia’s Christmas Sale whooo whooo!! They have trees up to 50% off! It’s the perfect time to jump on & grab a new tree this year! I will say, browsing through Treetopia’s site trying to pick out the one tree for you and your home is hard. I saw so many colorful trees I wanted soo bad- you know we LOVE color. But I did finally slim down my selection to a 5′ Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree with Pink Lights and a 7′ Winter White Christmas Tree with Multi Lights. I really wanted a Christmas tree for Cora’s room- I know I’m “extra” lol! But I also knew that both of our trees had to be kid-friendly because Cora is a crazy, silly, full of energy toddler that will destroy anything for fun haha, no but really she will  😯 So I went on the hunt for ways to make both of these Treetopia Trees beautiful, colorful, and kid-friendly! Here’s what I did:


Cora’s Tree


For Cora I chose the Pretty in Pink with Pink lights because I knew that’s the one she would have picked herself. That’s because the only color she knows without a doubt is the color pink. It’s my fault, I drilled in her how pink was mommy’s favorite color so she knows it well lol. The 5′ size was a great choice for her room because it’s big enough where she can’t push it around easily but it’s not overwhelming the room. It fits perfectly in the corner! Okay so I knew both trees needed to be kid-friendly but it was extra important for the one in her room to be since now she’s in a big girl bed and could potentially get out in the middle of the night to mess with it. So it needed to be secured in a way that it couldn’t easily fall down AND the ornaments needed to not be dangerous in the slightest. These days they make TONS of “shatterproof” options and other plastic or foam options for ornaments as you’ll see with our family tree below, but for Cora’s I didn’t want to take any chances. So for the base- an old tire, fun right!?! I’ve mentioned this in my intro blog posts but if you are not familiar with me, I work full-time at a car dealership so I was easily able to get an old tire. I bought my desired spray paint color then my dad sprayed it for me- super easy & fast! I stuffed the inside with some weighted blankets then covered them with “snow blankets”.The snow blankets are just felty blankets they sell at the store that are white or glittery white to be used for holiday decorating. For the actual tree, I thought about paper ornaments and paper garland but that would have been too easily broken! Instead I realized felt & yarn would be the best option. They would totally be easy to make too, but….. I didn’t make mine 😳 I know, I’m horrible! I ordered them online from homemade shops. With the felt garland chain, the yarn ball ornaments, and the felt rainbows- it really turned out super cute & colorful, just like I wanted. I guess without me intentionally trying to, this turned into our Pink Rainbow Tree!




Side note: The star on the top is secured so it can not fall off even if she tried & it’s plastic. I actually forgot about the top & had to order something last minute but I wish I would have done a felt topper too. I may actually go back and do that now since there’s more time before the Holidays!


Our Family Tree


I picked the 7′ Winter White Christmas Tree with Multi Lights for our family tree. The main reason I chose this one was because I’ve always wanted a white tree. Again, I knew I wanted it to be fun, colorful, & silly but not really have a set theme. I wanted the theme to just be color I guess. So I picked out shatterproof ornaments & soft stuffed ornaments that were all bright. You’ll see we have dessert ornaments, unicorns, candy canes, pizza, rainbows, bears, snowflakes, really a whole array of categories all thrown into one tree. But I LOVE it!! I think it all went together so well and that’s really because all of them are silly, make you smile type of ornaments! I also knew everything on our family tree didn’t have to be crazy Cora proof. Of course, I chose kid-friendly options like shatterproof, non-glass, etc but it didn’t have to be as hardcore as Cora’s tree. Myself or Eric would always be around to know if she was doing something she shouldn’t with this one. But luckily we’ve had our tree up for about a week plus now & she’s really not messing with them. Occasionally she tries to take the stuffed animal ornaments that are at her height level and give them a hug, but that’s really about it. And it’s really cute lol!! You’ll also notice I intentionally didn’t put many ornaments down low so there would be less she could grab. So far, so good!

In addition I wanted my wrapping paper to match the tree this year. I know some people would say that’s ridiculous. I mean I get it- you’re going to be ripping it all open on Christmas & most likely trashing it all, but I don’t care. It’s cute now haha!




As you can see, I’m super excited about how both of our Treetopia trees came out this year! The thing that I love most about everyone’s Christmas trees is that they are all so different and I love that Treetopia helps make that happen. Whether you’re into color, white, frosted, or traditional life-like trees- Treetopia has all the options for you. We all get to show our personalities in our Christmas Trees, and I think our families personality really shows in our trees this year 🙂 .


Be sure to check out Treetopia’s site to grab your Christmas Tree with their AMAZING sale happening now!


Also, go check out some other amazing ladies that are sharing how they decorate their Treetopia trees this year!




P.S. Don’t forget the Storage Bags for trees! Nobody wants to have to stuff a tree back in it’s box & try to tape it up lol!


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