Don’t Let Diarrhea Slow You Down this Holiday


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Can you believe we’re full-swing into the holiday season? I can’t, that’s for sure! As a full-time working parent with basically two full-time jobs, I’m always busy but nothing compares to the holidays. I think from October to January, I’m like a chicken with their head cut off. I don’t know what’s up or down, I’m just go, go, going! Anyone with me? And with that, the LAST thing I need to have happen is my tummy issues peeking their ugly head out. Now more than ever, it’s important for me to have IMODIUM® on hand.

IMODIUM® is the #1 doctor-recommended brand of OTC anti-diarrheal products. It contains an active ingredient called Loperamide, which helps to restore your body’s natural rhythm. When I’m in my busy state of mind over the holidays, I can’t afford to be bogged down with an upset tummy. It throws everything off and it’s SO uncomfortable! Diarrhea can pop up when you least expect it. It can come from something you ate or even from the pressures and demands of life. And if you’ve dealt with diarrhea before or have a loved one that has, you know how troubling it can be. I remember a lot of times when I was little, we’d have plans to go do something, but then my mom would start having stomach issues such as this, and we’d have to completely cancel our plans. As silly as it sounds, I still remember how upset I was in those moments & because I was young, I never truly understood what was going on. I don’t want Cora to remember when she’s older that Mommy’s stomach stopped us from fun plans. Especially not when I can be prepared for situations like this with IMODIUM®.




Imodium A-D


IMODIUM® starts working in just one hour with one dose to help relieve your diarrhea symptoms. I currently use the IMODIUM® A-D Caplets which work great, even for milder situations. It works by slowing your digestive system back to a normal, comfortable pace. It gives me one less thing to worry about during this busy holiday season.




You can grab IMODIUM® at Target, both in-stores and online. Don’t let your stomach troubles dictate how you spend time this holiday season.


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  1. I have bouts of IBS and this sure helps! Usually one dose n I can be about my business. I sure can’t let diarrhea slow this Nanny down!!!

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