The Perfect 1st Birthday

This may be a little pass due since Cora turned 1 the end of December…but hey better late than never, right?!? Months & months before Cora turned one I started brainstorming what I wanted to do for her birthday. I knew I’d need a theme, invitations, decorations, activities, venue, & food. Those were my main responsibilities as the host of this party. For me, the whole planning & organizing process, while at times stressful, is really my favorite part. I’ve always loved putting together parties, or organizing a pretty space. As the parent, make this fun for yourself, especially since the reality is your child’s not going to remember it lol!! No but seriously, this is a memory you will want to have & cherish forever so make the whole process as easy and fun for you as possible.
I chose to go with Unicorns for Cora’s first birthday. I’ve always been a lover of all things Unicorn, even as an adult. I also figured since Cora was only 1, it’s not like she really had a favorite character or theme she’d want and you know mama knows best anyways! I also knew I wanted to do a Cake Smash photo-shoot before the party & have it theme related. Doing this before the party was for two reasons, I wanted to have them on display at party & I knew if I tried to do this photo shoot at the party, it would end up being too stressful with everything else going on. So, once I knew my theme I reached out to a few photographers in town & realized real fast that cake smash photo-shoots are EXPENSIVE. I had a camera,

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