Stuffed Animals Need Baths Too


Every night Cora get’s a bath, minus the random crank-fest evening or late night dinner thing that throws our routine out the door LOL. Moms- you know what I mean! So basically every night I make sure my daughter is stripped of the germs of the day & going to bed nice and clean. At least, that’s what I thought until I started thinking about her sweet stuffed animals she now cries to have constantly. Once Cora got into the toddler-stage, crying for specific stuffed animals/loveys started. And that isn’t just at night, it’s happening all through out the day. It’s practically every meal with her “friends”, going outside to play, dragging them through the house, and even holding them while getting diaper changes. So…. let’s just say after we had a diaper change incident, it made me start thinking how every day I make sure the germs are rinsed off Cora then let her go snuggle back up with these un-bathed toys. 😯  Our kids stuffed animals need baths too!

But if you’ve ever just thrown a stuffed animal into the washer then you probably know why a lot of parents don’t do it often. A lot of times, the stuffed animal gets messed up or ruined. Nobody wants to have to deal with the screaming & crying from your child because you ruined their 1 out of 100th favorite stuffed animal LOL! But seriously, it’s also from past experience before Cora was born and washing my own stuffed animals as kid/teen & destroying them. So I went on the hunt to find the best way to wash these beloved animals. I mean I haven’t even mentioned the fact that at some point Cora may have a bad flu (luckily we haven’t experienced this yet), get lice once she’s in school, bed bugs, whatever. What if our animals get fleas ya know, things can happen at any point that would mean you have to wash the animals. So anyways, I was so happy to find a product that was made specifically for washing/drying our kids stuffed animals- “Teddy Needs a Bath”. Perfect name, huh!

One of my favorite parts of this product is that it’s easy to make into a game with your kids. My daughter is 19months old so she doesn’t know or understand everything, but she definitely knows that she takes a bath to get clean every night so I explained that her besties need a bath too. We turned it into a game to collect all her stuffed animals. Now, I did have to stop her from taking them to the actual bath tub once, but after that she got it. Teddy Needs a Bath has two different size bags. We used the large bag and were able to fit 7 pretty decent size stuffed animals inside. The smaller bag would be perfect for dog/cat toys too! So you load the bag up & machine wash on delicate. Easy Peezy!!







Once the washing is complete, just switch the bag to the dryer and set on low tumble dry. Teddy Needs a Bath also has Cotton Candy scented Dryer Sheets to throw into the bag before you start the dry cycle so the precious stuffed animals come out nice & soft. Now here’s my experience and recommendation for the drying cycle. It’s probably going to take more than 1 cycle to get every animal dry so after the first is complete, remove the bag and sort through which are dry or which are not. It did take me 2 full drys to get most of them dry, and once I removed the dry ones and put it through again all the remaining were done. The bigger ones need a little more loving a.k.a drying. But you don’t want to crank it up to a full/high drying cycle because it could damage our kiddos loved ones. Okay, next thing you don’t want to do is put the entire box of dryer sheets through the wash & dry cycle. 😯  I know what you’re thinking…DO WHAT?!? Why would anyone wash with dryer sheets and/or why would I use a whole box period?! So, let me explain…..while Cora & I were playing the “game” of gathering her loved ones and putting them into the bag, I had grabbed the box of dryer sheets out of the bedroom to remind myself I had them & we’d need to use one after washing. Cora had motioned to what they were and I said “They are for after your stuffed animals bath”. And of course to a toddler that resonated as this goes with my stuffed animals so she placed the entire box into the bag without me realizing. After the wash was finished, I put the bag directly into the dryer & since the box wasn’t right there like I initially planned, I didn’t even think about adding the sheet. So after 1 drying cycle I opened the bag and started to freak out. I didn’t know what all these torn up, super soft sheets were and I was afraid one of the stuffed animals split or something. Finally, after more digging it came to me….this was the entire box of dryer sheets LOL. Let’s just say Cora’s stuffed animals smell AMAZING and they are EXTREMELY SOFT from using an entire box lol. But I wouldn’t recommend wasting the money when ONE would do just fine 😛 .

As you can see below from the photos, the stuffed animals came out perfect. No damages or issues and GERM FREE, whoo hooo! Teddy Needs a Bath is a product every parent or dog owner needs around the house for sure! I honestly wish I had known about this prior to having Cora because there was so many times our dogs ended up with fleas somehow and we ruined tons of their toys throwing them in the washer/dryer to clean them. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to just waste money throwing my kids or dogs toys away every time they have to be washed then paying to replace them. Let’s have a clean & germ free household, as much as possible at least  😉 , while saving money!

I’m for it!!


This is my 2nd box I had that was still in my bedroom in the box it arrived in. If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have been able to show you the sheets since we destroyed the entire first box LOL.



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