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The Complete Summer Laundry Solution with Ensueño

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I absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE summer! I love the heat, the colors, the poolside vibes, and the pure summer fun I always have with my family & friends. But even with all my positive summer vibes I’m throwing out, there is a bit of a negative… LAUNDRY! My favorite season brings on more issues with stains or odors from grass, dirt, sweat, food, wine, and all the other fun things summer brings. But don’t you fret my summer lovers! I’m going to share with you my secret to Summer Laundry- Ensueño®!!



You’ve probably seen Ensueño Fabric Softener before but now they have a complete laundry solution. Yes, you heard that correctly! The much-loved fabric softener now is joined with Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent and Ensueño Scent Booster Dryer Sheets. Available in two fragrances across the full product range — Spring Fresh and Violet Bouquet — the products are uniquely designed to work together for maximum performance and long-lasting freshness. The Spring Fresh is my pick all the way! If you haven’t grabbed a sniff of this before, run to the store right now to do so ha! I’m kinda kidding, but it does smell VERY good. I would describe the scent as a strong, fresh floral scent. It’s a scent that makes you happy when you pull you clean clothes out of the dryer.

Don’t get me wrong though, scents can very much make or break a product for our house, but the reality is, it needs to work! We wear a lot of color in our house and I need a laundry solution that can keep up with our bright, fun clothing. The Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent has a 3-n-1 biodegradable formula that deep cleans, fights stains and protects clothes from fading. Plus, when combined with the Ensueño Max Fabric Softener’s biodegradable formula with plant-based softening extracts, not only does it provide 35 days of long-lasting fragrance, we also have more color fading protection. Then once you switch to the dryer, throw in an Ensueño Scent Booster Dryer Sheets to seal in our long-lasting Spring Fresh aroma, reduce wrinkles and static.


Bonus Feature- All Ensueño bottles are made with recycled plastics.


Ensueño Complete Laundry Solution is our go-to pick for this summer season. Not only am I able to fill my house with an amazing scent, I’m getting great care for my clothing. 


Look Good. Smell Good. Feel Good.


Don’t let your laundry ruin any of your summer fun this year, I know I’m not! With Ensueño Laundry Solution, our clothing is ready! 


Learn more at and check out 4 tips/tricks on how to use Ensueno Fabric Softener to make life even more pleasant. 


Ensueno products can be found by using the store locator here.









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