The Best Nashville Murals To Visit in 2021


I have lived a couple hours away from Nashville, TN my entire life so it’s a pretty normal thing for us to take a small family trips there. Whenever we go to Nashville, we always love hitting up some of the beautiful street art & murals. It’s pretty perfect for an Instagram shot, especially with our colorful style. The Nashville murals & street art change quite often and I was actually pretty excited about some of the newer additions with our trip a couple weeks ago. If you’re visiting Nashville, TN soon, I totally recommend checking these out!  Here’s 10 of my favorite Nashville Walls to visit.


Check out our Wall Tour Guide at the end so you can maximize your time the best! 


1. Take Flight

Nashville Mural

3020 Charlotte Ave. at 28th Avenue North


2. It’s Gonna Be O.K.

Nashville Mural

3020 Charlotte Ave. at 28th Avenue North


3. Black Cat Tips

Nashville, TN Murals

3020 Charlotte Ave. at 28th Avenue North


4. What Lifts You

Nashville Rainbow Mural

Capitol View Publix at 1010 Dr Martin L King Jr Blvd


5. Best of Nashville

Best of Nashville Mural

Located at the side of Nashville Post ( 210 12th Ave S #100) on Laurel Street


6. Nashville Wall Project

Nashville Wall Project Mural

11th Avenue South and Laurel Street


7. Nashville Wall Project

Nashville Murals

11th Avenue South and Laurel Street


8. The Flower Wall

Nashville Street Art

2900 12th Ave S.


9. Looking Pretty Music City

Nashville TN Mural

2709 12th Ave S.


10. Draper James Wall

Nashville Walls

2608 12th Ave. S



Our Wall Tour Guide + Where to Park

The photos above is exactly the order we went on our “Wall Tour” the last time in Nashville. With a family of 3 + a photographer, we were able to hit all 10 walls in about 2-2.5 hours. That included having time for the actual photoshoots, changing outfits in the car, and drive time.



We started at Charlotte Avenue for walls 1-3 which are all on the same road next to each other. We parked across the street in the back parking lot of Urology Associates at 2801 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, TN. After your parked, you just walk down the sidewalk to the cross-walk to get on the mural side. The murals are right off a busy road which is the only downfall of these spots. You have to be really quick if you want a full shot of you with the murals so you don’t get ran over. BE CAREFUL!



The NEWLY ADDED Publix Capitol View Rainbow Mural is only about a 5minute drive down the road from your 1st stop. We parked in the Publix Parking Garage under the non-covered areas in the back. 



Another NEWLY ADDED Mural, Best of Nashville, was our next stop and right by the Nashville Wall Project so you can park in the same spot on Laurel or the parking lot in front of the Wall Project. The “Best of Nashville” was my favorite wall of the entire day! And it’s super convenient that this + the Wall Project with both the walls in the photos above are all pretty much together. 



Next stop and also the last stop on our Wall Tour was 12th Avenue. We parked at White Mercantile’s at 2908 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN. This is a good starting point to walk down the street to catch all the walls. 1st up is the Flower Wall which is on the side of the Green Pea Salon on 12th. Then just a quick walk down you will come up to the “Looking Pretty Music City” wall on the side of Madewell. And last stop we made was at Draper James for the Blue & White stripped wall. It’s all a super convenient, straight walk for all. There is also a few other murals on this street to check out while you’re there so have fun exploring! And don’t forget to check out all the great shops & restaurants on this strip too.



If you’re looking for a great photographer in the Nashville area, I totally recommend Rachel Breakey. We’ve used her twice now for photoshoots and she’s the absolute best to work with! You can check out her website here.



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