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No that’s not a typo in my title, I’m talking about a MOOvement with Prairie Farms today  🙂 Prairie Farms has been the go-to choice in my family for dairy products. I remember my mom having them in her fridge when I was young and I definitely keep them in our fridge to this day. Prairie Farms is farmer owned by over 800 local dairy farmers spread out over the Midwest. For 80 years, they have been producing high-quality, fresh & nutritious milk for families. Even more importantly they make sure their cows are well taken care of – receiving the best diet and having the best environment around. They are proud of their high standards of cow care and that makes me proud to support them! I know when I choose Prairie Farms for my family, I’m picking the “Best of the Best” products while also supporting dairy farmers and their cows! I personally reached out to Prairie Farms about working together after a recent trip to our nearest grocery store in town. We use Prairie Farms coupons when buying a variety of their products like milk, yogurt, cream cheese, and orange juice. I never really put it together that we were regularly purchasing the same things over and over, but my daughter sure did! Cora, who isn’t even 2 years old yet, pointed out Prairie Farms milk and orange juice from the many selections at the store. She knew out of all the options, we always pick Prairie Farms. It was the cutest thing to see my little smarty pants making me realize the love and support we have for this brand. As soon as we got home that day, I personally reached out to Prairie Farms in hopes of teaming up to share our love for the brand.





During my conversation with representatives at Prairie Farms, I learned about their efforts to support and help the alarming rate of dairy farmers going out of business through a campaign called Join Our MOOvement. Many dedicated farmers are experiencing tough economic conditions which is having a drastic impact on the communities where they live. Schools, churches and organizations are struggling to stay afloat as more and more dairy farms close. Knowing that I have an option to support our local dairy farmers, I’m choosing to use Prairie Farms Coupons for their milk and other dairy products. It’s the “Best of the Best” and we know where it originates, right here locally in our Midwest region. Supporting dairy farmers through their products is a cause I can easily stand behind and support!




By participating in Prairie Farms’ Join Our MOOvement campaign, you are supporting the local dairy farmers that care for their land and cows so we can have fresh, nutritious dairy products. By pledging your support, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of their daily prize drawings as well as the grand prize drawing on Dec 31st. You will also be enrolled in Prairie Farms’ members only “MOOvement Loyalty Club” to start receiving special,exclusive offers. They are even offering VIP Farm Tours when you participate in the MOOvement. I know it’s cold right now, but taking a farm tour would be so fun for the kids! I’m definitely going to plan a trip for our family as soon as it starts to warm up a little bit. Prairie Farms will start their tours back up in the Spring so that will be perfect. Cora will be so excited to see the cows!!

Join me in the support of our locally-owned Prairie Farms farmers and pledge to Join the MOOvement today!!

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