Who Gives a Crap?… I DO!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce you to the one, the only…The “Who Gives a Crap” Brand!!              LOL 😆  I know right, but seriously Who Gives a Crap is a real brand with an amazing product and an even better program motivating them to actually give a crap! When I was approached by the brand to help spread awareness I was beyond excited! I mean from first look on their platforms I see they sell toilet paper.. SCORE!! We use A LOT of toilet paper, could always use some more of that. Two, do you see that packaging? Bright, fun, colorful wrapping on each roll…that’s my kinda TP. But lastly, and really the most important piece of information I saw once I read a little more into the brand is why they started, what their mission is, & how they are helping our world. That’s what really blew my mind, and I knew it was something I had to share with you.


It’s a funny name for the company, we can all see that but this brand has a serious business. Three cool-looking dudes (you can see what I mean by cool-looking dudes here) founded Who Gives a Crap in 2012 when they discovered 2.3 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet. Do you realize that means more people have cell phones then toilets?!? With how most of us live & how truly blessed we are, it seems unbelievable for this all to be true. But it is! Nearly 289,000 children under 5 die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation.  Broken down that’s basically 800 children per day, or one child every minute. That right there, especially now that I’m a mom myself, makes me stop in my tracks to figure out a way to help. So that’s what Who Gives a Crap does. Not only are they making their toilet paper from environmental friendly materials, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need. The whole reason for this brand is to help support others less fortunate & that’s a brand I want to help.


Truth is though, it’s good toilet paper! Yes it was started for an entirely different reason than to make the best toilet paper in the world but, hey if it’s not great TP then people wouldn’t continue buying it & their mission wouldn’t continue to grow right?! First off when the box arrived to our home, Eric & I both died laughing so I can basically guarantee it will bring happiness into your home. When you buy TP at the store, do you come home smiling because of it? The answer is probably no. But opening your front door to a box delivered that says “Who Gives a Crap” and “You’ve Got a Nice Bum“, I think smiles & giggles will come into your home very easily.  😛 Each roll is individually wrapped in the cutest prints/colors that will actually add to your bathroom or closet. They are completely recyclable, and honestly I’m thinking with Birthdays & Holidays I’ve just found my new wrapping paper. The box is easy to store in a closet, or because the rolls are seriously so cute you can store all of them nicely in the bathroom. It will definitely be a conversation piece if you have company over, which is GREAT! The more we share their message, the more help goes out into the world.



Cora enjoys stacking them up! And how darling are these prints!


But besides all the fun, it’s seriously good TP. It’s 100% recycled toilet paper that is so soft & durable. It’s got a great texture that feels perfect on the bum & we all want a happy bum right?!?!  😆 You know one of the cutest statements I found on their website, which I have to say is completely true is : “Our 3-ply is as soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1000 ponies!” Doesn’t that bit of fun in their workplace, besides from all the AMAZING things they are doing for our world, make you want to support a brand like that? A brand that’s mission is so strong and important but yet they have fun. Seriously check out their site if you don’t understand what I mean. All over their website, it truly demonstrates that the individuals who work there love their job, they love their TP, and they love the support they are able to give from it all.

Seriously, I encourage you to take advantage of this great toilet paper & this great brand that is helping others. You can set up one-time boxes delivered to your door or subscribe for re-occurring deliveries so you always have it on hand.


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  1. Love all the colorful pictures you are so creative! I am going to check this toilet paper out the name is way to funny!!

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