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The hype for essential oils has been going on for awhile now, but truthfully I never got into it all or at least I hadn’t until recently. I heard friends & family rave about them and their benefits but for some reason it never really jumped out at me. Really it wasn’t until Cora started into the toddler stage that I thought about it more. I saw people raving about how essential oils helped their kids from not getting sick, sleeping better, breathing better, etc etc and of course as a toddler mom, I was like “Ohhhh, maybe I should try that!”.  So I decided I’d start simple because if you’ve read anything about essential oils, it’s easy to get overwhelmed QUICK! There are also a lot of brands out there for essential oils, and one thing almost all my friends or family would say when talking about them is to be sure to use a GOOD brand. That’s where Real Oil came in. Real Oil sells 100% pure essential oils with the highest standard of purity, strength, and quality for their products. I felt comfortable knowing I picked the perfect brand for our family with Real Oil.


To start in my essential oil journey, I wanted to try the “kid-friendly” products since that was the main reason I wanted to dabble in them. Real Oil has a Real Kids Kit that was exactly what I was looking for. They also have an excellent learning page about how to use & dilute the oils for kids use. Honestly, I just thought the only thing you did with oils was take a few drops and put them directly on the skin, but I was surprised to find out there are tons of great ways to use them & especially for children you want to dilute the oils before applying. In my opinion, the easiest way for a newbie to dabble with essential oils is with a diffuser. Real Oil has a great diffuser that is appealing to the eye as well so it will look good in your home. Using the diffuser is an easy & effective way to fill up a space in your home with the essential oil benefits. I put my Real Oil Diffuser in Cora’s room to try out the Real Kids Kit and so far it’s been great. I was a little worried Cora would try to mess with it but she doesn’t at all. All you do is put 5-8 drops of your oil in the diffuser with the recommended water amount- super easy. There are different settings for constant or intermittent mist. It’s something I’ve started using every night at bedtime with the Kids Sleep Well Oil. I feel like it especially helped with our recent switch to a big girl bed for Cora. She had such a smooth transition from her crib to a twin size mattress, seriously SO WELL!! The transition went so easy that I  feel like this Kids Sleep Well Oil had to have been a big impact in that.




Another great way to use the essential oils is with a Natural Base Lotion. This is what I’ve been using on myself every night with the De-Stress Essential Oil Blend. I rub or if I’m lucky I get Eric to rub my feet, hands, arms with the lotion and 1 drop of the oil. The De-Stress oil helps overcome mental fatigue, daily tension, and stress. It really is just an overall soothing feeling. They also have Fractionated Coconut Oil for those who rather not use the lotion. Both mix well with oils and dilutes them for better topical coverage/absorption.




There is an entire world out there in essential oils that I’m just getting started with but I’m really excited about. I feel like my starter pieces from Real Oil have paved the way for me. I look forward to learning & experiencing all the benefits from them. I mean, did you know there is essential oils for better skin & hair too?! I had no idea…I’m so excited  😆

I actually think I’m going to share my new found journey with my mom for Christmas. Real Oil makes a great Holiday Cheer Kit with candy cane, holiday spice, and winter woods essential oil blends which is a great stocking stuffer for my mom. Then I’ll wrap up the Diffuser to go with it. Mom- I hope you’re not reading this LOL  😕 But seriously, great Christmas gift idea for a newbie oilers like myself or a full-on oil connoisseur.

I’m excited about my journey with Real Oil Essential Oils and can’t wait to continue to share with ya’ll ways we use them & our overall experiences.

Stay Tuned My Friends!!




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  1. Cat’s out of the bag for Christmas, but I’m excited to try this out too. Thanks sweetie. I’ve heard real good things about oils.

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