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Yay! It’s that time of the year again- break out the decorations, the music, and all the holiday cheer! I’m actually pretty excited about this holiday season because it’s the first in our new place. I’ve been buying all new decorations & having fun figuring out where I’m going to put everything. Along with that, I decided that this would be the 1st year we send out holiday cards. My parents sent out holiday cards when I was younger every year, but just the normal standard cards- not the photo christmas cards. I do remember every year when we would get in picture cards, my mom would always hang them up in the shape of a tree on the wall. It was fun being able to see our friends & family in them, especially since basically all our family lived out of town so we didn’t see them too often. I wanted to start that tradition for my family and what better time than now!

I had the honor of teaming up with a great card/stationary company called Basic Invite to create our first ever holiday cards. Basic Invite has over 300 different Christmas cards that then can be customized with all different colors for backgrounds, fonts, prints, etc so it’s basically like unlimited Christmas¬†card options.¬† You know we are all about color in our home so of course I wanted to choose bright & colorful cards to send out. This was my first year ever designing holiday cards and I was a little overwhelmed at first, not knowing where to start. But that’s one thing I realized about Basic Invite from the jump, they make the entire process SOO easy!! I had a photographer friend of mine (Sarah Hughes: Carpe Diem Photography) take the photos for us and then she digitally sent me the best ones. I created a folder on my laptop with my top 5-10 choices and went to the Basic Invite website. The website is easy to navigate through and find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that be Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Wedding, etc. Once you select a card option you like, it’s time to customize. The customization is great for anybody because it’s simple to figure out. You can add/change photos to see what you like the most, change colors, choose your paper option as far as matte, coated, shimmer, etc. And probably my favorite option is the fact you can order a sample of this card. That’s the perfect option for someone that wants to see how it will look, worried they didn’t make the best choice, or whatever it may be.






You also get to customize the back with a note, print, or color. And of course, you can’t forget the envelopes and they have options for that as well! That’s why I love Basic Invite so much- it’s easy, tons of customization, and beautiful card templates. They took my fear of not knowing what I was doing when it came to holiday cards & made me look like a pro! I’m so unbelievably happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to have all our friends/family start receiving them.


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