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I’m definitely not a product snob in the shower. What I mean by that is, I do not have a set soap, shampoo, or conditioner that I HAVE to use. I definitely prefer brands over others, and I forsure have some favorites. But when I go to the store, I’m not only buying one specific product each time. I’m always up for trying a new shampoo or conditioner so I was super excited when Juice Organics reached out and wanted me to give their brand a try. Juice Organics mission is to create the most luxurious and effective hair care products, made with the highest content of certified organic ingredients possible. Certified organic hair care…I’m for it! I’ve been making tons of different small changes in my life & our household to go organic so why not try an organic hair care line too!  Also, it’s available at one of my favorite stores in the world….TARGET, whoo!!!!  It’s an excuse to run to Target right now to try Juice Organics lol. So I’ve been trying the Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner for a couple weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Now my thoughts and positives in a hair care product may be completely different than what you value or want, but at least this will give you a look into what I experienced.

  1. The Smell-The Pink bottled Voluminizing Shampoo & Conditioner is the scent I’m going to focus on. The scent is Passion Flower and if you’ve ever smelled passion fruit aromas, this is very-very much like that. It’s a very strong fruity smell. I’m not going to lie-the smell is STRONG in the bottle but it does smell good. And the best part about the scent and the reason I think it smells so strong in the bottle is because you actually smell it on your hair after you’ve washed & dried it. Many shampoos & conditioners smell great in the bottle but you don’t get that smell on your hair afterwards, with this Juice Organics set, you do!
  2. Amount of Product Needed- This is something I notice in hair products I use-whether I have to use a ton to get the job done or a reasonably amount. With Juice Organics, it’s definitely a reasonable amount. I do wash my hair twice, but I do that with every shampoo. I use a little larger than a quarter size amount in the palm of my hand of the Juice Organics shampoo each time and that’s plenty.
  3. The Lather- Now this is very important to me & may not be to others. I have tried many “smarter choice” shampoos over the years and majority of them don’t have a lather effect. I’m sure you know what I mean by that, but in case you don’t, I’m referring to the soapy-foamy lathering feel when you’re washing your hair. Most store bought shampoos use SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) to create this foaming feeling, but it’s been linked to skin irritation and other negative effects- which is why it’s not in Juice Organics. Majority of the other brands without this I’ve tried do not have the lathering feel whatsoever, and honestly I hate that! It makes me feel like I’m never getting my hair clean. So I’m happy to say Juice Organics gives me the perfect lather & clean feeling.
  4. The Rinse- Another important feature for me is how fast it rinses out. I take a lot of baths with Cora and in the bath I pour a cup of water over my hair, just like I do with Cora. I don’t want to have to do that a million times lol. I also don’t want to feel like in the shower I’m having to rinse,rinse, rinse over & over to get it out. But don’t worry Juice Organics is a normal amount of rinse time  😛
  5. The Conditioner- I don’t use a ton of conditioner because I have oily hair but I do want to put it on my tips to about the mid spot on the back of my head. It rinses out easily just like the shampoo and does give you that soft, almost fake like feeling of your hair. Do you know what I mean by that? That feeling after you rinse conditioner out and your hair doesn’t even feel real because its so dang soft lol! This gives you that fabulous feeling!
  6. Overall Impression Afterwards- My hair smells good, looks good, and overall is a happy head of hair with Juice Organics. Did it give me incredibly noticeable volume…no not really, but I did notice a little extra bounce in my hair. Overall, I’m very happy with it!

These are things I consider and evaluate anytime I use a new shampoo/conditioner whether it’s organic or not. The fact that Juice Organics is organic, cruelty free, paraben free, no sls, no artififcal dyes, or synthetic fragrances is a 100% BONUS. It’s not just a good hair care system because of that, its a good hair care system period PLUS it’s all of those things. That’s how I look at it 😀 .

But wait, that’s not all! (totally in my info-commercial voice LOL) No but seriously, Juice Organics wanted to do a giveaway for my readers/followers so be sure to head over to my Instagram to enter! Three lucky winners will get to pick a shampoo & conditioner of their choice!


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