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Yayyy Life Insurance…NOT. I mean I get it, who wants to talk about something that’s ultimately related to your death? Bummer right 😥 I was told by like 5+ people after I had my daughter that I needed to get life insurance. Ummm, I just had this amazing tiny human and now you want me to plan for my death?!? Do what!! Let’s just say I was a little thrown off at first. It wasn’t until I looked into it all that I realized how important life insurance truly is and understood then why it was being brought up. I know a lot of us have tons of questions so let’s break down my top three questions you should ask yourself when thinking about life insurance, and yes you should be thinking about it!


What is Life Insurance?


It’s an insurance policy between the provider and the insured person that will pay out a sum of money to their beneficiaries upon their death. The beneficiaries can be your husband, kids, parents, family, or friends. This is going to be the person that you would want the money to go to in the event of your death. You pay a premium/fee set out when you sign up to have the insurance. There are 2 types of life insurance: term or permanent. The basis of Term Life Insurance is that the benefit only pays out if you die during the time period you chose (10-35 years) and permanent insurance builds cash value in addition to having a death benefit. Because of the cash value,  permanent insurance is more expensive. My choice for myself was Term Life Insurance, and that’s what I’ll focus on here but of course do your research and pick the best option for you & your family.

Here’s an example to help you better understand what Life Insurance is. If I buy a $2,000,000 policy and I’m making my premium payments (this is basically just like you do with car insurance), then when I die my beneficiary will receive $2,000,000. Pretty easy to understand that, right? Okay- next question to ask yourself.


Do I Need Life Insurance?


The simple answer to this is, if your death would financially affect someone else- you need life insurance. Now it makes sense why my friends & family we’re asking me right after I had my daughter if I had life insurance yet! Once that tiny little baby comes into the world your purpose is to take care of them. You are their everything and their provider. If something was to happen to you, would it affect them? For most of us, the answer is most definitely. Both Cora’s dad and I work, but both of our income plays into our household financials and if mine was no longer there or even his, it would affect us for sure. Buying a life insurance plan will help cover those costs such as the funeral expenses, bills, childcare, whatever it may be. It’s there to help them while they figure out the next step in their lives.

I do want to add here that even if you don’t work, for example a stay-at-home parent, it’s still important for you to have life insurance. Stay-at-home parents do SOO much! If you were not around then someone would have to still be doing a lot of the things you were such as: childcare, cleaning, cooking, etc etc. Those things you do as a stay-at-home parent would need to be handled by someone so it’s still really important even if you do not have an out of the home job that you still have life insurance.


Where to Get Life Insurance?


This can be the tricky part, and the main reason it took me so long to get it. We have plenty of life insurance agents in my town and I know I can set up a meeting to go in, but I have plenty of excuses not to. I’m busy, it will be awkward, I don’t know them, they are just trying to make a sale, and I don’t want to have to go to a physical/ checkup or whatever long list of questions they will make me fill out. The list could go on & on, and I understand the hesitation but it doesn’t have to be that way! I discovered a great site called Leap Life that makes the process hassle-free. Yes you heard that right, it’s actually easy & can be done within 10 minutes to have a Term Life Insurance policy! Whoo Whoo  😎

With Leap Life, they do all the heavy lifting for you.They carefully select the carriers that offer the best rates and have the highest financial and customer satisfaction ratings, and then you’re able to select the best option for you PLUS what you can afford. Within 2 minutes, you can have a no strings attached quote that will give you 3 options for coverage based on the small amount of information they ask. You don’t even have to provide an email or phone number to get your quote, it truly is hassle-free! After that, you can customize the life insurance based on exactly what you’re looking for- policy amount & the term. Leap Life helps customers get a 40% cheaper, precision life insurance online in minutes, by matching the customer to the right policy minutes you can be completely done and insured! Life Insurance can be a tricky subject for some people and I completely understand why, but with Leap Life they make it easier for you to know your options & choose the best fit for you.

Basically the main point here is Life Insurance is important. It sucks to think about your death, but don’t you want your loved ones to have financial support when it happens. The answer is definitely yes for me, and having my beautiful daughter made me see that easily. I’m thankful for Leap Life that makes this tough subject an easy process!


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This post is sponsored by Leap Life. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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