Soothe Your Babies Diaper Rash with Triple Paste

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triple Paste – Diaper Rash Ointment. All opinions are 100% mine.


Diaper rashes suck! Let’s just start this blog out with the truth of the matter. As a mom, all you want to do is take that pain away from your baby or toddler. When I was pregnant I watched video after video on youtube of baby must-haves, checklists, and favorite products. I thought I was going to be completely prepared for my new baby and I’d have everything I could possibly need & then some. And for the most part, that was correct. I bought WAY too much stuff that I barely used. But one thing I didn’t realize would be really important was a good diaper rash cream. I mean honestly, I thought they were all pretty much the same thing. And honestly as a first-time mom, I didn’t realize that diaper rashes were very common. I thought it would be a once in awhile type thing but in my experience for my daughter, it became more regular than I imagined. If that’s been my experience than it could definitely be some of yours too so I wanted to share my story with Triple Paste, the diaper rash cream that saved Cora’s bum!


Before Cora arrived, I had a couple different brands of diaper rash cream that I’d accumulated at my baby shower or from purchasing on my own. I thought I would be set for when that “rare” time came. Once Cora was born, I honestly didn’t really use many diaper rash creams while she was a newborn. The need didn’t really start until she began eating solids and boy did the diaper rashes hit after that. Cora has sensitive skin, if she goes #2 and we don’t catch it in the first 5-10minutes, she’s going to have a rash. Crazy, right?! But that was our reality and boy did it suck. As a new mom, I felt guilt that I must be doing something wrong that’s causing her to get these insane rashes. Then it was more mom guilt every time the creams I was using were not getting the job done. I went through trial-and-error with 10-14 different diaper rash creams all while trying to find the one that would get rid of these rashes fast for Cora. I felt horrible! I honestly thought any diaper rash cream would work but it just wasn’t. Each time I changed her she’d cry & cry when I wiped her and applied a new cream it was soo sad. Finally after trying way too many creams, I found one that actually worked & worked FAST…….Triple Paste!



Triple Paste ointment is safe and gentle for everyday use, yet strong enough to calm even the most raw, painful, and stubborn cases of diaper rash. So it can be used during each changing to help block those future rashes. Plus, it’s available at all the top stores- Target, Walmart, BuyBuy BABY, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid- so you’re not having to make an extra trip somewhere to find a diaper rash cream that actually works. Cora’s diaper rashes went from lasting days to being eliminated overnight. It was a prayer answered for sure! From then on, Triple Paste has been the only cream we use. Cora is now 2 and still in diapers. If you’ve read our Potty Training Chronicles post, you understand a little more about why she’s not potty trained yet. But it is what it is, she’s still in diapers and we’re still using Triple Paste. I can’t even count how many containers we’ve went through lol. That would have been a funny photo, Cora standing next to a mountain of empty Triple Paste containers that we’ve went through for the past 2years haha! Anyways, the point is don’t do what I did, choose Triple Paste first & stop those diaper rashes from the beginning!


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