Drink More Water with a Primo Bottom-Loading Dispenser


Today I’m going to share how we changed our water-game at the house with one easy step: adding a Primo Bottom-Loading Dispenser. We all know or should know that water straight from the tap isn’t the best. It can be filled with parasites, bacteria, and heavy metals so it’s important to have your water filtered. Primo makes safe water easy! Each Primo gallon bottle, whether you’re using the refill or exchange process (I’ll get into this later), has went through a purification process to make sure of it. So besides from being great quality water, let’s also talk about the less waste factor. Before we received our Primo Dispenser, my fiance was buying 2-cases of water per week, that’s a lot of water bottles we were going through. Here’s a big stat for you- 1 MILLION plastic bottles are purchased each minute- WHOA! And out of those water bottles, 75% are NOT recycled. That’s a lot of waste we’re creating that flows into our oceans. With our Dispenser we’ve now eliminated all that bottle waste we were producing.. Besides from the fact that our Primo Bottom-Loading Dispenser makes water drinking easier, we’re also helping protect our planet eliminate that waste. I LOVE THAT!!





Now let’s get into how easy it is to make this transition for your family. First thing you want to do is pick out your Primo Dispenser (coupon at end). I HIGHLY recommend a bottom-loader because it makes switching out the bottles very convenient. There’s multiple dispensers you can choose based on what you’re looking for your family. I chose the HTRIO BOTTOM LOADING WATER DISPENSER WITH SINGLE SERVE COFFEE K-CUP® MACHINE BUILT-IN because I’d wanted a Keruig coffee maker for awhile and hadn’t taken the jump yet to do it. With this Primo Dispenser I was able to take the jump for water & coffee at the same time, yay!





Now you have your dispenser, next thing is to grab your water. There are 2 types of Primo Water options- refill stations or exchange stations. It’s pretty self- explanatory, one option is where you refill your 3 or 5-gallon bottles and the other option is where you exchange out your bottles for pre-filled ones. With my busy schedule it’s easier for me to exchange them out. I just take my empty bottle to the store and grab a new one. But pick the option that you prefer. You can find Primo Water in your area HERE.



Here’s a tip: You do not need to put the full Primo Bottle up on the counter for the cashier to ring up. They just need the sticker that’s on the bottle. When I bought my first 5-gallon bottle at my local grocery store, I started to lift it up & luckily the cashier caught me before I got too far in LOL.



Now that you have your gallon bottle home, it’s really easy to add it into your dispenser. You literally just slightly pick it up to slide it in and connect the hose top. You’ll want to let the water filter through the dispenser like the instructions go over. Once you’ve completed the initial set up of the bottle, you’re ready to go with your purified water!



Besides from making sure we have clean, purified water this has also helped my family drink more water. It’s right there in our home with hot & cold water ready to go. You can easily fill up your re-usable bottles before you leave the house. You can have your morning or if you’re like me afternoon and evening coffee or tea with purified water. It’s just super easy & convenient all around. It’s truly been a water-drinking game-changer for our family.


As you can probably tell, we’re for it! I totally recommend picking out your Primo Dispenser and starting your clean water journey with us!


Use code DRINKBIG20 for 20% off any dispenser + free shipping





This post was sponsored by Primo Water but all thoughts & opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting!



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