The Perfect Toddler Playdate Snack

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I’m all for a toddler playdate because that means I get some adult time, too! Did you know that besides hopefully giving you some fellow mom time, playdates are also something that’s beneficial to your child’s development? Well, it is! While you’re catching up and sharing your crazy toddler stories, your babes are actually learning skills & strategies they’ll need for social settings. So it’s important to do and I thought, why not share a snack that we had at our recent playdate this weekend that was a big success?! And that is Gerber® UpAge+ Organic Toddler Snacks.



Toddlers love a snack, like seriously love a snack! Cora runs around the house at times literally screaming “ Snack, snack, snack, me need snack” haha! So, I set out to Walmart to do a little shopping before our playdate this weekend. Instead of going to the regular grocery aisles for snacks, I figured I should look in the baby aisle to see if there was anything that piqued my interest there, too. Viola!! The New Gerber® UpAge Organic Toddler Snacks jumped out at me instantly. I mean, honestly, I felt like I jumped out of the baby aisle a little too fast when Cora transitioned into toddlerhood. I know that foods designed for certain ages have developmental benefits for them, too, so it was always in the back of my head to push myself back to the baby aisle. I’m glad I did! Plus, this way, you have less risk of getting something that the other mom doesn’t allow their toddler to have yet. I chose the Gerber® Organic Popped Crisps, which are plant-based and made with ancient grains & chickpeas. Side note—they are good! I tried them prior to giving any to the girls, which I usually do with most food. Any other moms do that—try new foods first before giving it to your kids? Anyways, I’d even eat them, so I thought I made a good pick!


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The girls loved them! I really like how the Gerber® Organic Popped Crisps came in a smaller size bag, too, so this way I just gave each tot their own bag to enjoy. It reduced the whole “She has more than me or I want that one” lol. My fellow mom friend that was over during the playdate was pretty impressed with how the girls were eating them, too. She said she had been looking for a nutritious snack option to try with her daughter, so it worked out perfectly. I gave a new bag to send home with them, which is a total playdate tip. Send a recipe or product home with the other family that could help them in some way. They will appreciate it and hopefully in return will help you schedule another playdate in the near future!




So there you go! A yummy & nutritious snack to have at your next toddler playdate. Thanks Gerber® for including ingredients moms love plus a taste kids love! And toddler moms, don’t forget to check out the Walmart baby aisle next time you’re in store. It’s not too late to go back, I promise!


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