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Organizing Your Closet


Why is it that closets become disorganized so easily & so quickly. I guess it’s just the fact that we are going in & out grabbing or adding items non-stop, then “POOF” we shut the door & all is clean looking again haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ But a disorganized closet, at least in my house leads to forgetting what we have, purchasing things we don’t necessarily need because if everything was organized I would have known we already had it and just overall chaos in a way. Luckily, I discovered a brand that makes staying organized much, much easier and that’sย CleverMade.ย CleverMade is a brand all about innovative solutions to normal family “struggles” such as my problem for keeping the closet organized! Their CleverCrates are not just great crates for organizing, they are also collapsible crates so they don’t take up tons of space when storing empty ones. They have multiple size, styles, & colors to choose from which make finding exactly what you’re looking for that much easier. We used a few different ones when organizing our large walk-in closet which is in my daughter Cora’s room. I’m going to show you before & after photos of the closet but please don’t judge me LOL. I know the closet was a disaster prior and to be honest, without even thinking about it I had already started to move/sort items prior to the “before” photos so I actually made it look better than it really was. But this is the reality..we live busy lives that can turn into messy lives if we don’t have a set way to stay organized and now with CleverCrates we do.

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As you can see, it was like I started to be organized at one time & then it all fell downhill. Cora’s old clothes thrown up on the top shelf, toys all over the floor, baskets full of clothes or sheets overflowing from just being thrown in there. It was just a complete mess but I did turn it around and here’s how:

  1. Remove Sections of Closet to Sort Through– I suggest sections at a time because removing everything at once can be VERY overwhelming. But if you start with sections sorting everything, by the time you’re done you have went through everything and know what is trash, what needs to go with this, so on & so forth.
  2. Don’t Be Scared to Throw Away– Especially when it comes to Cora’s closet & all her things, I can be a little trash shy. But really when will I ever use or need some of this stuff again?!? I’m not suggesting throwing away family heirlooms or special memory items, just be smart about it.
  3. Start Filling Your CleverCrates– Depending on the items, choose which CleverCrate would be best. For example, we used the Grated Wall Cratesย and the MilkCrates for lighter weight items such as diapers, shoes, socks, bows, etc. Then for heavier stuff, we used the Sold Wall Crates with Lid.
  4. Decide on Importance– Every closet is going to have places that are easier or harder to get to. Choose what items you will be grabbing often & make sure you put those in the easiest accessible spot. We need diapers on the regular, so in Cora’s closet I put them within easy grabbing distance from the closet door.
  5. Stack & Store– The fact that these CleverCrates stack so easily is definitely one of their top features. Stack them and/or store them in your selected spot.
  6. Look Around in Shock at How Organized Your Closet Isย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜›ย  Of course, you don’t have to nor do I entirely recommend putting every single thing in crates. I left some diaper bags & few other items out of crates that I can easily grab, but overall having the more “messy” stuff in a crate makes everything look SOO much better!










By the time I’m publishing this blog, it’s been about a month since I organized the closet and I have to say it still looks good. I think it’s the fact that everything has it’s “assigned” place now in myย CleverCrates. It really has kept me from letting things pile up or sitting down something & telling myself “Oh, I’ll put that away later” or “I’ll find a spot for that” ๐Ÿ™„ like that ever really happens bahaha!! But now it’s easy & simple with my crates! I even have a few collapsed, stacked up on the top shelf ready to go whenever I need them.

These Crates are the perfect item to have on hand in all our homes and right now you can get 20% off with codeย TIFFANYASHLEY20%ย (code good 10/15-10/21/2018)

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