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New Home, New Bugs


It’s official ya’ll….we have a new home! And it’s not just a new home, it’s our first home! We are finally homeowners and not renters. That’s pretty big! Now the fun stuff is just beginning, such as picking out paint colors for rooms, decorating, arranging furniture, all the stuff I LOVE and will be sure to share a long with you too. But first I wanted to share something that we hadn’t thought about when transitioning from a renter to an owner. What am I talking about?? BUGS!! Yep, sure am. Those creepy, crawly, pests that always find a way to ruin our days or even our homes!


Didn’t think I was going to start our new home venture with pest control, did ya? But I am because it’s something that homeowners, like we are now, have to think about. I don’t want spiders, ants, or anything like that in my space! If you’ve ever experienced pest issues, you’ve probably done one of these 2 things. You either called a Pest Control Company that costs A LOT and now you have a stranger walking inside & out of your house. Or you ran to the store to buy RAID or something similar, which is only a quick-fix not a solution and holds tons of nasty chemicals we wouldn’t want around our families or animals. Well let me tell you what, there’s something better & more cost-effective than both of these now, it’s called Bugly. Bugly is an at-home pest control solution that’s not so ugly, meaning it’s free of harsh chemicals, natural-based and WORKS! You are able to become your own Pest Control Professional with one easy visit to their site. On Bugly’s website all you have to do is put in your address and it generates a list of common bugs in YOUR area & climate. It’s that smart! Top one for us said Wolf Spiders. Was Bugly right? Ummm, without a doubt. At our old duplex we just moved out of, my daughter and I would walk outside along the house and find 15+ Wolf Spiders crawling on the brick. That was just in 5-10minutes of looking around for them too. I was NOT going to let that happen at our new home. And the fact that they send everything I need right to the house with instructions. it’s so easy! Yes, I could pay some stranger a hefty amount to come out to the house every couple months, if not more often to spray OR I could take around 15 minutes to do it myself for only around $10-20 a month. Much rather have Bugly, a professional-grade product I can do on my own that I know is safe for my family and pets to be around, than the other 2 previous options homeowners had for pest control.


At-Home Pest Control


At-home Pest Control
If you can use a spray, you can use Bugly!


When you first get on Bugly, you have a couple options based on your pest level and how you want to set it up. Your first shipment will provide the starter kit and then from there you can decide how often you want to receive your maintenance shipments. You can cancel at anytime and shipping is always free! For all the homeowners out there, like us now- YAY, I definitely recommend checking Bugly out. You won’t be disappointed, but the bugs will 🙂


Find out more about Bugly here!


Bugly Pest Control



Safe Pest Control


This post was sponsored by Bugly. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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