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Picking Out a Mattress

Buying a mattress has definitely changed directions in the last few years. The times of going to showrooms filled with options that then need to be hauled home, squeezed through the house, and plopped on the bed frame is no more. Now buying a mattress is as easy as hitting order & having a vacuum sealed easily movable box delivered to your home that opens into a full mattress right where you need it to. But now that they are all so easy to get, what’s the best pick? I’m here to share our new mattress from the Signature Sleep Honest Elements line that we now have for both my toddler & our master bedroom and why we LOVE them!


Let’s first break it down by what I personally look for when mattress shopping-

  • Size Options
  • Budget Friendly
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Delivery & Setup


Size Options– I don’t understand why some mattress brands just have a couple sizes available but I’ve seen it during my search. Like why not have an option for all the size beds? Anyways that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with Signature Sleep Honest Elements. They have King, Queen, Full, Twin, and my favorite part Crib & Toddler bed sizes too! I RARELY see a crib/toddler option that with a mattress brand. That really makes Signature Sleep stand out for me! At home our home, we have a King size for our master bedroom and then a twin size for Cora since she’s recently switched to a “big girl bed”.



Budget Friendly– Geez la weez, mattresses can be expensive! I’m not spending almost $2,000 or more on a mattress people, not happening! But honestly you don’t have to is what I’ve realized. Signature Sleep has affordable mattress that are made with amazing materials, comfortable, and delivered right to you. The best quality does not always mean the highest price point.


Materials– This was one of the top reasons I chose these mattresses for our family. The Signature Sleep Honest Elements collection is made with ethically sourced organic materials that are handcrafted in California. The USDA certified organic cotton and oeko-tex certified chemical free natural wool are not only top notch materials, they are also provide superior pressure relief. I always try to choose the organic options when shopping, I’m not perfect but I try to take steps in a better direction each time. So when I’m able to find as mattress that is made with organic materials without breaking the bank, that’s a win in my book.

signature sleep mattress

Comfort– I’d say this is the most important characteristic to everyone mattress shopping. Will it be comfortable? Now this is a little specific to the buyer because different people are looking for different things but for my family, the Honest Elements Mattress has been super comfortable to sleep on. Now to be honest, when you open up the box to set it up, it doesn’t look very “special”. At first glance, I was not impressed but I was wrong to judge, let’s just say that. Because it’s only 7″ thick and I was used to much thicker ones in the past, I didn’t think it would match up. But the combination of the multiple layers of superior materials really make this a firm, breathable, and comfortable mattress. Also, because of it being a firmer mattress it works really well on the floor. Cora’s mattress is on the floor in her house bed frame and you can’t even tell you’re directly on the floor. I’ve fallen asleep putting her to bed plenty of times and as an adult I cannot tell at all! Still super comfortable!


Ease of Delivery & Setup– Like I said in the beginning of this post, it’s never been easier to get a new mattress. The Signature Sleep line is available on Amazon which I love since I’m a huge amazon shopper. Plus it’s available for Prime shipping if you’re a member, which I am since I order 2-4 times per week ha! Once the box arrives, bring it into the room where the mattress will be, pull out the vacuum sealed wrapped mattress & once you but into the outer bag it start’s to open up. Remove anymore plastic & let it take shape for 48hours, then all done! It’s seriously like the easiest process in the world now.



Both of our Signature Sleep Honest Elements Mattresses are helping us sleep soundly & comfortably all through the night, even my toddler lol! If you’re looking for a new mattress I definitely recommend checking these out.





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