Cora’s 1st Haircut at SmartStyle

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It seems like just yesterday Cora was a tiny infant who barely had any hair. To be honest, she barely had any hair until she was around 18 months old. I was actually worried my baby would never have hair lol. I’m kidding but you know what I mean. I was impatiently waiting for her to have enough hair to style & put up. But then it happened in a flash!! It was seriously like overnight she had enough hair for a pony or pigtails and boy was I excited!! I really should have got her haircut sooner than I did because my poor girl had long bangs all in her eyes if I didn’t pull it up. That was the point I realized we have to get this hair cut!! You have all heard me mention many of times that I’m always busy. I work 50+ hours a week at my full-time job than I also blog/influence as a part-time, really full-time 2nd job, and then of course I’m a mother that runs a household too. Spare time, unfortunately, is just not in abundance for us. So, figuring out when to call to schedule a hair appointment for Cora and myself because I hadn’t had a haircut myself in 1.5 years…yikes 😯 , was just not the easiest thing. Which brings me to the amazingness of SmartStyle Hair Salons by Regis. SmartStyle is the salon inside your local Walmart and it’s the perfect spot for busy families like ours. We can go grocery shopping, which has to be done anyways, and get a haircut or style while we’re there. It’s literally the perfect solution! Instead of stressing about setting up an appointment somewhere, trying to remember that appointment, figuring out a way we won’t miss it, and doing everything else that needs to be done, instead of all that chaos- SmartStyle is easy & there! They are beyond affordable and provide a full-service hair salon at an extreme convenience with walk-ins accepted. We love it! Okay, so back to Cora….a first haircut can be nerve-wracking for the parents and the child so I thought I’d share our experience at SmartStyle so others would know what to expect  😀 There’s no reason we should be worrying about it!

There are two options for the kiddos when sitting down for a haircut. They can sit on the booster all by themselves or, if they don’t do well with that, they can sit on your lap. We sat Cora in the booster and she flipped out trying to get down, so that answered our question on what option to go with lol. Our SmartStyle stylist asked what I wanted her to do for Cora’s hair & I just told her I’d like the bangs trimmed out of her face and a little trim all around. I will say as just a warning for moms, Cora did cry the entire time BUT the entire time took a total of like two minutes so it’s okay! Honestly I don’t think it was necessarily the fact she was getting her haircut, it was that she was “stuck”. Ever since Cora was a newborn & we’d go to doctors appointments, she would freak out if she was being held in one spot without being able to move as she would like. I would guess it’s probably this way for most kids. Our stylist at SmartStyle was really friendly though and the crying didn’t phase her at all. She kept a smile, a calm voice, and continued to say “It’s okay, we will be done in just a minute.” She literally snipped, snipped, snipped and it was over. It was super fast which I really appreciated since I had a crying toddler sitting on my lap haha!



My mom had came with us so she could snap the photos so when Cora was done my mom took her through Walmart to grab the grocery items she needed. This gave me the perfect time to get a Haircut, Shampoo & Basic Style. I LOVE having someone else shampoo my hair, don’t you? No matter what, if I’m getting a haircut I always have them shampoo first. It’s so relaxing to me and I don’t know why it is, but my hair always feels cleaner when someone else does it lol 😎 .

My service didn’t take long at all, and my mom was able to get the shopping done she needed too. Convenient right?! And Cora was happy as could be eating some cheetos, no worry in the world after her haircut!



The entire process was great! I didn’t have to stress about an appointment or figuring out a way to make it work, it just worked & worked easily! SmartStyle offers over 30+ services at an affordable price at a convenient location that helps us busy mamas out so much! I couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out for Cora’s first  haircut and my much needed haircut! We will definitely continue to choose SmartStyle for our families salon needs, that’s for sure.


Cora & Mommy modeling our new SmartStyle haircuts!! She’s showing off her new bangs 🙂


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