Potty Training Chronicles

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Our smart little babes grow up so fast and before we know it, they start giving us soft hints that they may be ready to potty train. Cora had started giving me hints by being super intrigued by the “big” potty that mommy & daddy used, by periodically telling me when she went potty or needed a diaper change, and overall being pretty regular when it came to using the bathroom. I was pretty excited about all of this & super pumped to get my little babe potty trained. I immediately decided it was time to get Cora her own potty. We chose the Summer Infant My Size® Potty Train & Transition. It has a realistic look & design which I knew would definitely help the process. It even has a handle that actually makes “flushing” noises when you push on it- beyond adorable! The main reason I chose this model though was because it came with a removable potty topper that could sit on our toilet for when she was ready to start sitting there. I wouldn’t have to buy multiple gear with this 2-in-1 potty training system, it was all here.



Now, a little back story if you’re new here before I get into more details about our potty training journey. I work full-time, 50 hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday 8am-6pm. Eric works full-time as well. My parents watch Cora while we’re at work and I drop/pick her up on the way to & from. By the time we get home in the evenings, we have about 2 hours total to get everyone fed, have some play time, & bath/bedtime routine before Cora’s asleep. I’m off every week 2 days being Sunday & Monday. Okay, I’ve given you my full details LOL 😉 but there is a reason to all of this information that I’m about to get to.



I was actually super excited to start potty training Cora. I thought it would go pretty smoothly, especially with all of the hints I was receiving from her about it. Even more so because when we received our Summer Infant My Size® Potty Train & Transition, she immediately started sitting on it & using it. It was mainly to tinkle, but within the 1st day of us having it, she did poop in it once. I was ECSTATIC! I thought, “OMG, this is going to be so AMAZINGLY easy!”. I’m here to tell you, I was wrong! It’s not that I was wrong that Cora wasn’t going to be easy to potty train, honestly she may be pretty good at that. It’s the problem that I’m not home consecutively being able to properly follow through with the training. I work so dang much! And I know my parents watch her and I do ask them to help with it but honestly all parents know you can’t really ask/rely on others to teach/train something like this. Plus my parents already do so much for us, watching Cora so I don’t have to pay for daycare ya know. I couldn’t imagine asking them to potty train my daughter too. So that’s the feat I didn’t take into consideration when planning to potty train. #WorkingMomStruggle I’m not saying it can’t be done. It definitely can be and definitely will be at some point. But for us, my easy plan to have Cora potty trained in no time just isn’t what works for us, and that’s perfectly okay. This is the biggest reason I’m sharing this whole story with you all is because it’s easy to think, “This shouldn’t be taking this long” or “I must be doing something wrong” or whatever it may be. But every family and every child is different. They all learn at their own pace and it also needs to work with your family schedule/dynamic. The problem with the 3 day or so training routines is that I’m not home 3 days in a row to do it. The 2 days I am home per week also have to include everything else that we need to get done such as grocery shopping, playdates, special family outings, and photos we take for blog and IG. It’s hard to crack down and not leave the house for those 2 days so we can non-stop train, ya know. It could be done, but it’s just not a reasonable thing for our family & schedule.



Our potty training journey has went like this thus far:

  • We have been potty training for a month plus. She was much more “into” it in the beginning, but the excitement has worn off a bit.
  • Cora uses her My Size® Potty Train & Transition every night before her bath & sometimes after the bath too.
  • On my days off when we’re at the house, I try to keep on her about using her potty. I ask her periodically throughout the day, “Do you need to go potty?” or “Let mommy know if you need to go potty.” She will usually use her potty 2-5/day.
  • On my days off, I will occasionally put her in training underwear to help with the process. We have had plenty of accidents, even poopy ones all over the floor  😮 but it’s okay! It’s part of it!! But for the most part, she’s still in diapers or training diapers.
  • At my parents house, she uses her My Size® Potty Train & Transition (yes, I bought an extra for their house too) occasionally. It’s not a constant or routine thing, just sporadically.
  • Every time she uses her potty, I praise her. YAYY CORA!!!
  • We continually read her potty training books I bought at bed-time to remind her about it all and try to make the whole process fun.


So as you can see, our potty training journey is not done. And before we started, I planned to get on here and tell you how I did it and help you potty train too lol. But, instead I hope I’m helping you realize it’s okay if it’s not easy or fast. It doesn’t have to be. Cora will be completely ready at some point and we will make it happen then. Until then, we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and maybe even trying new things to help with the process. I will say that without a doubt, the Summer Infant My Size® Potty Train & Transition has been a huge help. Because it’s such a realistic potty, it intrigues her. And for all the moms, it’s super easy to keep clean! I would totally recommend grabbing this if you’re thinking of starting potty training no matter how long or short your journey is!


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  1. That potty is the cutest thing n definitely is an improvement from when my kids were younger. And yes, Cora will potty train completely when she’s ready, that’s the key.

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