DIY Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments

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My mom always made Christmas ornaments with us every year, or well let’s just say as long as she could get us too. Kids grow up too dang fast right?! But luckily for me, I have an almost 3-year old that’s eager to do all the arts & craft projects with me. We have 3 different trees in our house, excessive? I think not 🙂 So I thought it would be fun for Cora to get to create the theme for one of the trees. Since she’s been watching Ricky Zoom lately & loving it, that sounded like the perfect theme for the tree, or more like a Zoomtastic theme for the tree!

We made 3 styles of ornaments for our Ricky Zoom Christmas Tree that were all made with items we already had around the house and that majority of y’all will have around the house already too, or something similar that can be used. Let your creativity shine!


We made:

  • Race Track Ribbon
  • “Z” Ornaments 
  • Ricky & Friends Garland


Now to the good stuff, how we did it! But actually before we get into that, this is a good time to explain to your children what you guys will be doing & how you will be working as a team, just like Ricky & his bike buddies do! Each person has a role to help and by working together we will have fun and make Zoomtastic ornaments for the tree!


Racetrack Ribbon


What you need:

  1. Black Streamers
  2. White or Yellow Tape (scotch tape, duck tape, gaffer tape,etc)
  3. Scissors

Directions: Cut the tape up in small strips to use as the road lines and center them on streamer, leaving space between each piece.


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments


“Z” Ornament 


What you need:

  1. 16 Popsicle Sticks
  2. Red Paint or Markers
  3. Glue (hot glue works the best)
  4. Red Ribbon
  5. Scissors

Directions: Paint/color the popsicle sticks (you can also buy colored popsicle sticks, that’s what we had so it was already red). Cut 8 of the popsicle sticks in half; glue 2 half pieces to 1 full popsicle stick in the shape of a Z. Cut (8) ribbons into 4-5 inch pieces, glue 1 ribbon per ornament on the back in a loop. This makes 8 “Z” ornaments.


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments


Ricky & Friends Garland


What you need:

  1. Construction Paper (10 pages of each color- red, yellow, blue, green)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape or Stapler

Directions: Cut each color construction paper into about 1 inch strips using the long, vertical side of paper. Form one piece of paper into loop, tape/staple together. Take another strip of paper running it through the first loop until you connect the ends of that strip to form a second loop, tape/staple together. Continue looping pieces together, rotating colors in order. This will make the large loop garland. For the smaller garland, cut your vertical strips in half; repeat same directions to form looped garland.


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments


Ricky Zoom Christmas Ornaments



We also added the characters colors in round, shatter-free ornaments we already had as well as a pizza ornament we had. Pizza is Ricky’s favorite 🙂


That’s it! All extremely easy to do & a fun holiday activity to do with the kids. Wait till you see their faces after they’ve help create the ornaments for the tree, they are so proud & they should be! After you’re all done making your Ricky Zoom ornaments, take a little break with the kids & watch Ricky Zoom on Nick Jr., or the Ricky Zoom Official YouTube Channel.


Thanks Everyone & Merry Christmas!!



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