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Nutritious and Delicious After School Snack

After School Snack

We teamed up with Sargento® for this post. All thoughts, opinions, and recipes are our own. 

Back-to-School season is hectic! Or is that just me that thinks so? Not only do we have to get a long list of school supplies for each kiddo, we also have to refresh their wardrobe with new clothes and shoes for the new year. But that’s not even it! We also have to pack our fridges with items for breakfast, lunches, and after-school snacks. It’s a lot right?! Well to ease the stress, I thought I’d share our #1 after-school snack to give you another idea of what to grab for that fridge stock up.

Drum roll please……..Grilled Cheeses! Yes, grilled cheese sandwiches are the kiddos favorite after-school snack, which is also easy for us parents to make. But it’s not just any grilled cheese, we use Sargento Mild Cheddar slices that really make this a nutritious & delicious snack. Sargento slices are real, natural cheese that is not process cheese, and kids LOVE the taste! I can easily whip them up after school and it holds them over until dinner time.


After School Snacks


First Week Back to School Tip: Do something fun with the kids, whether that’s your own after school family party, taking them to the park, movie night, whatever you want. I found that not only is the first week stressful for parents, it’s also a lot for the kiddos so doing something a little extra with them that 1st week really helps 🙂 


Kids Grilled Cheeses


I know you’re probably thinking everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese and you’re probably right. It’s not that difficult to do. But what I found out is that everyone makes theirs a little different and I thought why not share how we do it. But I’ll tell you what, the key to our delicious grilled cheese is most definitely the Sargento Mild Cheddar slices so don’t forget those.


How do we make our grilled cheeses:


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Grilled Cheese Recipe
  1. Toast bread slices for 1 minute. This is to just get a slight crisp to them. While bread is toasting, preheat skillet to medium heat on stove.
  2. Take out lightly toasted bread, generously butter one side of each slice. Place buttered side down bread slice on skillet, add two pieces of Sargento slices. Add second slice of butter toasted bread on cheese, buttered side up. Cook until bottom slice becomes golden brown, flip and repeat on second side.

Today I shared the kids favorite after-school snack with Sargento slices but it doesn’t just stop there. We use Sargento Mild Cheddar slices for our breakfast sandwiches in the morning (easy on-the-go breakfast idea btw)  and all our deli sandwiches we enjoy for lunch. There’s tons of possibilities with this delicious, natural cheese. Let me know what your favorite after school snack is in the comments, I’d love to hear.

Happy Back-to-School Season Everyone!

After School Snack Grilled Cheese

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