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Winter is here (in my Game of Thrones voice) and so is cold/flu season…eeeek šŸ˜• I love this time of the year but I sure don’t love that. I’m totally the mom that stops traffic walking into the grocery store to wipe it down before putting Cora in it. Eric laughs at me every time I do it, but come on…so many germs!! But I can’t save Cora from everything that’s for dang sure so I’ll do my best with what I can and just be ready when/if it does come. If you’re prepared for the potential cold that may arise at any point, things will go a lot smoother when it happens! We’ve recently added a product named Lolleezā„¢ to our must-have toddler cold/flu season list and I thought what better time then the actual season to share this with you all!



Lolleezā„¢Ā are organic throat soothing pops made specifically to help our little ones through this tough time. We all know that for adults if we have a sore throat or a cough, we usually take cough drops. So why not have something like that to give our tots?! Exactly!! It just makes sense. Lolleez are infused with yummee organic ingredients with natural fruit pectin and organic honey. The key ingredient to ease sore throats is natural fruit pectin. But what is pectin you ask? Pectin is an ingredient that naturally occurs in and is derived from fruit. It also temporarily relieves swelling and irritation, which makes it perfect for these pops. Plus, I mean come on- what kid doesn’t want to be handed a sucker at any point of any day lol! They love it!!



TheĀ Lolleezā„¢ pops are made from USDA Certified Organic ingredients, as well as being Non-GMO. They are also gluten, nut, & dairy free so a great choice for all different kids. They come in three different flavors- watermelon, strawberry, and orange mango. All the flavors are Cora-Approved šŸ™‚ Oh and I almost forgot the other great feature about these pops, they are flat! I actually didn’t realize the benefit of that until recently, but round candy or throat lozenges can be a choking hazard for the kids. A flat pop on a stick helps reduce the choking hazard and gives you a worry-free way to soothe your kids throats.



When it hits this time of the year, I make a little caddy in the bathroom closet filled with my must-have cold/flu season items for Cora, and theĀ Lolleezā„¢ are definitely included now since we’ve tried them. The worst feeling in the world as a parent is your child suffering in anyway because as parents we want to take that away from them instantly. All of us parents would take our kids sickness away if we could, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. So let’s try to make them feel better by using products designed specially for it! Especially a product built by a mom of 4, for the sole purpose of helping other parents and their kiddos feel better! I would highly recommend grabbing these to have on hand. You can find Lolleezā„¢ at Target or online at Amazon.

Let’s help our babes feel better and get past this yucky cold season!


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  1. Great blog. All those ingredients work for colds n flu, anything to get those throats to feel better if only for a bit. Love it!!!

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