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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s . The opinions and text are all mine.


Today’s post is all about family fun because we’re talking about Chuck E. Cheese’s, where a kid can be a kid 😎 I remember going there as a child myself and totally begging my parents to go way more than I actually ever went haha! It’s been a one-stop-shop in town for family, fun & food, as well as a very popular spot for birthday parties for many years. We had the honor of attending the new revamp at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s a couple days ago and I had to share all the fun with you. Chuck E. Cheese’s recently partnered with Tesser, a San Francisco-based design firm, to remodel the interior and exterior of their Paducah restaurant aka my hometown location. I have to say, I’m super impressed! I think the update was much needed and has transformed our location to a fresh, hot spot for families.



For one, the whole place has been cleaned up so nice with the new design, it’s much more modern now. A feature they kept which I really like, is having the tables & booths right by the play/game area. I like that families can be eating, kids can run & play, come back to eat, etc etc and you’re all pretty close together. It’s not in a separate room or area where you can’t see where they go. And speaking of food, Chuck E. Cheese’s has ALWAYS had amazing pizza! Seriously it’s one of the top pizzas in our area for sure. I love that besides from pizza, they have an array of appetizers, sandwiches, and a salad bar. It’s all good!!

We had 2 toddlers with us and each child was given a 60 minute “All You Can Play” armband. This is EXACTLY what Chuck E. Cheese’s needed. I couldn’t stand the tokens and having to keep going back to get more, it became annoying. These armbands are perfect!! You can load a certain amount of time on the band and the kids have free reign to play whatever game they want, however many times they want, within their timeframe. Endless games start at $9 for 30minutes and they have kiosks towards the front for you to do everything easily with the band. You can add your time, pause your time, transfer time between bands, it’s all super nice! I think this “All You Can Play” is a game-changer for sure. And with that, the games are now “tap-to-play” so you just tap your arm band on the programmed area so it’s easier for the kids to run up & start the game without help. Cora’s friend Rylee that was with us is 3 years and she could do this completely on her own. That makes the experience even easier for the parents.



Now for Cora’s favorite part of Chuck E. Cheese’s….the stunning, all-new light up dance floor! They removed the stage that was once in the back area by the birthday tables and added this interactive new dance floor. I have never seen Cora have so much fun out in a crowd before. My girl is shy, she LOVES other kids & babies, but she is a shy girl that usually “hides” or stays quiet around others. You would have never been able to tell that out on the dance floor. She seriously had so much fun!! They have a routine for birthday parties they do & then also every hour Chuck E. comes around gathering kids for a dance party. They even throw out free tickets for the kids after. It’s seriously so fun!! This was the perfect revamp in my opinion 😎




As you can see, I was really impressed with the revamp at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s but besides from that the employees and managers were beyond nice. Everyone was happy, helpful, smiling, they literally made you feel so welcomed to be there. The GM at our location went out of her way to make sure we were taken care of. The employees that were out on the dance floor assisting Chuck E. with the dance made sure at the end all the kids received the tickets they threw. For example, Cora didn’t understand what was going on with the tickets so one of the employees there helped Cora pick them up so she would have some like the other kids grabbing them. It was super sweet!!

I would hands down recommend Chuck E. Cheese’s for the perfect spot for fun & food for the entire family. Let’s just say since we left yesterday, Cora’s asked multiple times to go back 🙂 Oh and Nani who wasn’t there with us saw our IG stories of Cora dancing her little heart out and has already said she’s planning to take here ASAP now! It truly was a big deal seeing Cora having so much fun, not being shy, living her best little life there!! Yay for Chuck E. Cheese’s!




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